An 8-week Journey to cultivate men of honour & virtue

November 21st to January 9th



The world is crying out for men of virtue and honour. 

Men who are tired of being fractured and want to get their shit together so they can serve the world with their highest gifts. Men who wish to care for the world and lead it into much needed positive transformation during this time of great shifting of ages. Men who are willing to take on the task of dismantling patriarchal distortion. Men who are willing to work co-creatively with women, help evolve each other to higher levels of development and end the gender war.

Are you such a man?

Are you craving a calling that will challenge you with positive force to bring out the best you can be?​

Are you man enough to be a king of your heart and be a force of indomitable, creative love in the world?​


Is a dynamic 8-week program that charts an evolutionary adventure through the powerful inspirations of archetypal work. Archetypes offer profound psychological tools to awaken the best parts of ourselves, what visionary psychiatrist, Carl Jung, called the ‘Great Self’.

Working with the archetypes is like discovering buried treasure within ourselves that we may have never been aware of. They are literally the deepest blueprints of how human consciousness expresses itself in our lives. To know them means to know ourselves profoundly and self-realization is a momentous aspect of mastering one’s life.

During this 8-week journey, we will engage the FOUR major masculine archetypes of KING WARRIOR MAGICIAN & LOVER. Every two weeks will represent dynamic activators of the archetypal forces within us, entailing deep-dives into the SHADOW-WOUNDED aspects AND discovering and inspiring embodiment of the FULLNESS or BEST qualities of the archetypes. The archetypes give us incredible maps to take stock at where we are deficient in our lives and the pathways to grow strength where we thusly lack. This is a path toward embodiment of noble power.

I personally came to the path of conscious masculinity serendipitously through the guidance of a dear brother. Admittedly, during that time over ten years ago, I had never bothered to address working on my masculine self. For me, it was always about somehow healing my feminine side. Yet, when I was introduced to the masculine archetypal work, it was like finding that one vital nutrient in my diet that I’d always been missing. I immediately felt a deep strengthening of my energy.

I discovered the challenging terrain of shadow-work and how to work toward loving my wounds skillfully into wisdom. I dove deep into my addictive tendencies, particular pornography and unhealthy sexual habits, a pathway that is vital to every man to walk for it is the root of our creative force in the world. There’s so much work still to be done. A lifetime indeed! But the archetypal tools, as well as the influences of other visionary leaders in the conscious masculinity movement, have given me a leading edge that I want every man to embody.

Are you a King Of The Heart?

This is a very next-level container for evolutionary growth, to participate in the universal cultivation of true and good manhood and galvanize brothers to be forces of positive change in uplifting the soul of the world.

This is NOT for perfect men. They do not exist. While perfection is something noble to aim towards, humility is a key theme in this creative work. Patriarchy has wounded US ALL and part of the boon of working with the archetypes is getting VERY CLEAR on where our shadow-wounded self is. This gives us power.

As the spiritual adage goes, naming the demon gives us power over it. We will be zoning in specifically on where each of us has our weakest links and, with courageous and wise love, working to shore up ourselves so that our wounds can truly become our strengths.

Ultimately, this is for men at any stage of their journey. The archetypal work is very dynamic and meets men where they are at, endlessly offering more profound ways to refine the beauty of our souls.


What to truly look forward to

The beauty and power of any transformational journey is the mystery of potential it can unlock in each of us. It is impossible to list concrete expectations when taking such a heroic journey. Each of us will embody this work in the unique and beautiful way that our own unique lives wish for. That being said, there are some general hopes that this work can manifest, such as:


The foundation of mastery

Through this program, you will be given ways to build consistency in practice and in showing up for yourself and others. This will build strong confidence and help pull yourself from mucky places to soaring heights of achievement.

Respect & Honour of the Masculine & the Feminine.

The archetypal work is so deep and incredible. It will give you an immense sense of the beauty of masculinity in all its challenges and virtues. Moreover, this work is also to empower men to be of better service to our sisters and all womankind. Women all over the world are waiting for us to meet them in their power and, together, truly create a new culture and civilization based on honouring the sacred, wisdom and love. One of the most amazing gifts of men’s work is discovering ways to heal the deep wounds between men and women, perhaps one of the most ancient of all. Moreover, this helps to also heal the inner-rift between the masculine and feminine forces within each of us.

Strength & Confidence.

This creative work will foster great strength within you.

Strength you are probably wholly ignorant that you possess. One thing that is true for men is that a good challenge brings out the best of us. True men learn to long for such challenges, as the warrior archetype empowers. The challenges in this program will definitely help to bring out our best and give us a deep sense of confidence in the beauty and wisdom of our self and our ability to be truly powerful creative forces in the world—the destiny of all Kings!

Strength in Vulnerability.

There will be many opportunities to share our wounds and many men have several hidden miseries. Such is the tragedy of our modern conditioning: men are not encouraged to emotionally share. This bottled-up tension wreaks havoc on the souls of men. Through these practices and sharing sessions, we will have ample opportunity to release our shame around our wounds, learning to bravely embody our brokenness and therein begin the path to healing and restoring wholeness.


We will also be developing a beautiful and tender brotherhood by such work. The fraternity of men is an incredible force to have in one’s life and sadly many men do not have such. We will be building a sense of brotherhood that will be immense medicine for your life for years to come.

Cultivating Excellence.

The great reward of this work is that as the fullness of the archetypes is aimed towards and gradually embodied, we begin to exude more and more excellence in our life. Noble qualities become us. We become charged with a passionate mission and destiny. Truly, our life will never be the same. Glory awaits!

I personally look so forward to this journey together. While I am the facilitator, this is truly about each and every one of us being students of the great divine archetypal forces and sacred masculine. I will be participating in all the practices myself and know from many years undertaking them that powerful, positive transformation lies ahead.

It is high time for men to do this sacred work. Together, we can take a stand against all the chaos and wounding of the world and become agents of great and numinous change not only in our lives but in all the lives that touch us.



Live Archetypal Teachings

Each week we will dive deeply into the philosophical terrain of the archetypes. These are rich and profound engagements with the universal essence of our humanity. We will learn of our shadow and our light and how to walk toward a more in-lightened self where the shadow is integrated and our great self takes the driver’s seat of our life-force.


Men’s Circle

Part 2 of our weekly two hour live call we will gather in circle (virtually) and each participant will be offered an opportunity to share their experiences working with the archetypes, the mission tasks given to awaken them and anything coming up in their lives. This will be an opportunity to witness each other in the strength of our vulnerability and also foster a community spirit that we can draw upon during inevitable times of need.

Guided Meditations

You will receive immensely powerful guided meditation recordings to embody the work of what Jung called creative visualization—using the power of our divine imagination to deepen archetypal embodiment. These are richly recorded meditations, featuring incredible sound healing textures and sacred symbology. These guided meditations will offer themselves as powerful spiritual talismans to constantly renew our archetypal activation work.


Evolutionary Practices

Each week will activate a new series of practices to creatively inspire our growth and evolution. These will consist of text, video and audio materials specific to the quality of each archetype. Some of these will be non-negotiable practices to push us into embodying discipline, playing our edges, which will be supported in our accountability pods.

An example list of practices:

  • SHAKING MEDICINE & ECSTATIC MOVEMENT for trauma and emotional release

  • SOUND HEALING & VOICE ACTIVATION to work on our internal energies and empower our freedom of expression

  • SACRED SEXUALITY PRACTICES to foster healing and mastery of the sexual-creative force

  • QIGONG to work with relaxing tension in our being and cultivate noble energy

Accountability Pods

Each man will be partnered with another brother in accountability pods where will do consistent check-ins to gauge our growth in the practices as well as offering brotherly support.

 Additional Materials to Further Enthuse the Archetypes

There will also be recommendations to connect to films, music and other cultural arts to further colour the archetypes we’re connecting to.


There will also be some exciting guest facilitators who will further our good work together including a female empowerment leader as the work to harmonize with women is highly integral to this work.

Your trusted facilitator, ally
and fellow brother in glory


Darren has been facilitating men’s work now for close to a decade. From pioneering men’s circles, his Heroic Consciousness Course, dynamic workshops and leading his Earth Knight Men’s Retreats, Darren is answering a deep calling in helping other men live their best self and uplift the world together.

Darren has been formerly trained in Chinese Medicine as well as working with many global teachers, especially indigenous teachers on the path of the spiritual warrior. Darren is also trained in Shaking Medicine and Creative Transformation Therapy. He is also a renowned Sound Healer and creator of the Source Resonance Academy. He is also an acclaimed writer, poet and spiritual teacher.


The investment in self evolution
is one of the best investments a man can make!

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Join me as we RISE into our Kingdoms, as Kings of the Heart!

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